Chameleon Technology

As a new company working with cutting-edge technology, Chameleon needed website copy that could explain the strategy and approach of the company as well as its services and products.

The challenge was to feature products such as in-home displays for smart meters and cloud-based energy measurement solutions in language that would be appropriate for the high-level energy suppliers likely to reference the site but also without giving too much away to competitors in the market.

The key was to convey the company’s place at the forefront of this new technology and its ability to work with different energy suppliers and adapt in the face of developing technologies and legislation.

I was also asked to write and advise on copy of differing lengths for inclusion in directories and social media, which is a growth area of copywriting as clients become aware of the importance of social media over traditional methods of marketing.

In the future I hope to continue to work with Chameleon on regular updates to their website – an essential aspect of any website – and planned e-marketing campaigns.

“Michelle’s contribution has been invaluable. We’re a small company and clear and innovative communications are critical. Michelle’s work is always precise and creative and her turnaround time is exceptional. We’re looking forward to working with her on a variety of projects in the future.”

Jennifer Woodhall, Marketing Manager, Chameleon Technology

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