Harrison Spinks

This client came to me via a referral from one of my ongoing copywriting customers.

The company is a highly successful manufacturer of high-end beds and the work I have taken on for the business illustrates how copywriting services can provide invaluable additional support to a busy marketing department in larger companies.

The first project was brochure copy for a new range of beds. The marketing manger was particularly keen to use an external copywriter both to free up the time of in-house staff and to freshen up the style of the copy produced. This was completed on time and had added value in that some of the generic copy about the company has since been used for other marketing material.

The next project arose after the company launched in Europe and the marketing department needed copy urgently during a very busy period. Again, the copy was for a brochure, and additionally the marketing manager asked for a press release and copy for an ad. As the press release was going to be used across Europe and, in some cases, translated, it was important to take into account what sort of language was used, for example, a clever press release headline based on a pun might not be easily translatable.

Again the client was pleased with the quality of the copy provided, and the quick turnaround, and is now looking at options for new website copy.


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