The Eye magazine (Huddersfield) April 2013 – Having trouble sleeping?

Trouble sleeping?

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Most of us suffer from disturbed sleeping patterns at some point in our lives, whether it’s having vivid dreams, waking at 3am with all the things we have to do the next day rushing around in our heads, or all-out insomnia.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep. After hitting a particularly busy period with my business, sleep has become even more important than usual. The better I sleep, the more inspiration I get for my writing work and the more I achieve in the working day.

By chance this has coincided with several writing projects for clients who manufacture or sell beds, which means that I now know more about beds, mattresses and sleep than I ever expected to.

Interest in sleep is so prevalent in this country that there’s even an organisation dedicated to it. The Sleep Council ( offers advice on choosing a bed and getting a better night’s sleep. In National Bed Month (March) it launched its first ever Great British Bedtime report, which found that almost half of Britons are kept awake at night by stress or worry and 70% manage on less than minimum recommended seven hours sleep a night.

One thought-provoking fact is that adults sharing a bed with a partner are usually short changed when it comes to sleeping space. In fact a child sleeping on a 2ft 6” wide small single bed has about the same sleeping space as each adult sharing a 5ft wide king-size bed. If your partner is bigger than you, you may easily end up sleeping on a smaller surface than your five year old.

A larger bed may seem like an extravagance but if you work out the cost per night, it’s really not that much. The Sleep Council recommends that we change our mattresses every seven years, as by this time the springs will probably have sprung, the fillings will be getting flattened and there will be enough dead skin to feed a colony of dust mites. A £500 mattress equates to less than 10p per night over seven years, which rather puts things in perspective.

Trouble sleeping?Let sleeping dogs lie?


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