Paramount Accountancy

It’s not that often that the opportunity arises to write a website from scratch. In the case of Paramount Accountancy, the client had recently left a large accountancy firm to set up his own business. He came to the business with a raft of clients and 20 years’ experience in the field – but no website.

In addition to a Home page that explained the benefits of using an accountant skilled at handling the accounts of SMEs, and an About Us page with staff biogs, the Services pages had to be pitched just right for the kind of clients he works with. In particular, the website needed to get across how he always goes the extra mile, with tax planning services as well as basic accountancy services.

The biggest challenges were drawing out the relevant information from a busy professional, writing copy that explained the services in an accessible way and producing the copy with the utmost urgency, so that the holding site could go live.

The copy was written to a speedy deadline, taking as little as possible of the client’s time (one meeting and two phone calls). The client was delighted with the copy and has since come back for additional copy for a biog for a new member of staff and a press release. The client has also recommended Key Words to his own clients, leading to further commissions.

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