SCALA The Fresh Connection

This client had paid for a PR campaign two years’ earlier to promote this innovative business training programme. This had been successful but expensive. Without this service, the company was not getting the coverage it would like and a colleague referred them to me.

The key service they were looking for was a series of press releases. First to cover how The Fresh Connection was being successfully incorporated into training and study programmes in companies and learning institutions, such as the local university. And second to promote the annual competition, which attracts entries from high-profile multi-national companies such as Mars, Kraft and Asda.

Working from briefings provided by their in-house team, I produced a series of press releases (around six a month), often at short notice as a newsworthy story arose. I also wrote a feature for an editorial space they had secured in one of their trade magazines.

The company and their partners were very happy with the increased coverage that this produced.

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