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New year, new website copy

January 2nd, 2016
Happy New Year
When businesses get busy, marketing can often take a back seat. But if you’ve been thinking for a while that your marketing copy – whether online or in print – is looking dated, now is the time to do something

Rising from The Ashes – what do cricket and poetry have in common?

August 11th, 2015
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou
ashes Plural noun Ruins or remains, as after destruction or burning (Collins English dictionary online) Whether or not you’re a cricket fan, it probably won’t have escaped your notice that England recently regained The Ashes in spectacular fashion. This got

Jack Nicholson, the election and handling the truth

April 29th, 2015
Can words win elections? Words are never more important than during an election – ask any speechwriter, any copywriter producing copy for an election flyer or anyone responsible for the phrasing in a manifesto. Politicians are often accused of hot

Present or gift – which do you prefer?

January 20th, 2015
Did you get many presents this Christmas? Or did you only receive gifts? Because it has its roots in many different languages, English often has two words that mean the same or very similar things – presents and gifts, freedom

Is your copywriting consistent?

December 9th, 2014
When writing copy – whether for your website, company newsletter, blog or printed material such as a brochure or flyer – you should try and keep your copywriting consistent. As a copywriter, I often get asked specific questions about grammar.

Copywriting mistakes – homonyms

November 26th, 2014
One of the most common mistakes that people make when copywriting is confusing words that sound the same when spoken out loud but have a different meaning and, in many cases, are spelled differently. These are known as homonyms. Strangely

Writing about your staff – copywriting tips

October 21st, 2014
Most companies have an About Us page on their website and some will feature staff profiles in their newsletters, but what do your customers really want to know about your staff? We all know the value of good customer service.

How do you talk to your customers?

September 19th, 2014
Coffee & Cake
How do you communicate with your customers? This was a question that came up this week at my monthly networking group Coffee & Cake Business Network ( While there’s always the option of picking up the phone, or dropping in


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