Writing about your staff – copywriting tips

Most companies have an About Us page on their website and some will feature staff profiles in their newsletters, but what do your customers really want to know about your staff?

We all know the value of good customer service. Even the best company in the world can occasionally get things wrong – faulty goods, a late delivery, a missed deadline – but if the issue is dealt with quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction, and if the customer has previously had good service from the company, they are less likely to move their business elsewhere.

Building strong staff/customer relationships can make all the difference. If a customer feels that they know staff personally and are being well looked after, it will help you win contracts and retain customers.

Writing copy about your staff on your About Us page

It may not be the page that people will turn to first but it is useful to have some background information on your company and its staff on the About Us page of your website.

There are various reasons for including staff profiles on your website:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to show their credentials to your customers
  2. It gives your company a more human face
  3. It allows people to make a more personal connection with the staff rather than simply thinking of them as faceless employees
  4. It can help make the staff feel more connected to the organisation

What information should you put about staff on your About Us page?

This will very much depend on the company profile. For example:

Artisan food producer website

Here, the customer is buying into the idea that the specialist product – artisan cheese, traditionally smoked salmon, craft beer – is being produced on a small scale, especially for loyal customers who value quality. These sites often have pictures of the staff at work,  copy that gets across their passion for their craft and quirky information about the individual that helps to establish the company’s unique approach and brand.

Financial services website

The images and copy for accountants, financial advisors and solicitors need to show a more corporate and professional face. The customer expects these people to look smart, and the copy to show that they have all the relevant qualifications and experience. They will be less interested in seeing quirky details about the staff or what they like doing outside work.

Remember to update your About Us page

If a member of staff featured on your About Us page leaves, don’t forget to update it, otherwise customers may not know they have gone. Presuming they have not left under a cloud (!), this may also be a good opportunity to write a short news story to post on your website, thanking them for their work over the years and wishing them well in whatever they go on to do. If it’s a long-standing member of staff who is retiring, you could also send a story to the local media and trade press.

Staff profiles in newsletters

If your company produces a regular newsletter, it can be a good idea to include staff profiles for all the same reasons as including this information on your About Us page. A newsletter also allows you to expand the information that you include in a staff profile.

First, put together a list of questions. If this is going to be a repeating feature, it’s a good idea to stick to the same basic list. The easiest way to present the profile is as a Q&A although you can also write it up as a profile feature – this is harder to do well and you might want to get a copywriter involved to help you out.

Typical questions might include:

When did you join the company?

What’s your day-to-day role?

What skills do you need for that role?

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

And the most challenging?

What would you be doing if you hadn’t decided to follow this career path?

How do you relax when you’re not at work?

It can help to give the member of staff time to think about the questions first. Also, make sure they have a chance to read through the finished profile before it goes in the newsletter and to make any changes they would like. They may have given a jokey throwaway response to a question on the spur of the moment – Q. ‘What do you find most rewarding about your job?’ A. ‘Hometime’ – but regret it later.

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