Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website and promote your standing as an expert in your given field. One client has seen a 400% increase in monthly traffic to their website, with a knock-on effect on sales, since they commissioned weekly blogs from Key Words.

If you’re too busy to blog on a regular basis, let the Blog Lady do it for you!

There are three possible ways for me to blog for you:

  1. You draft an outline in writing and I will craft it into a blog;
  2. You brief me on the phone or in person and I will record the conversation and write it up as a blog;
  3. I draft a blog based on information on your website or printed material, which you then work on and return to me for proofing and minor reworking.

Sometimes a combination of these approaches works best – it tends to be different for each client, depending on how they prefer to work.

In each case I recommend that you:

  • Write down around 10-20 possible blog headers
  • Provide a sentence about what the blog will cover
  • Decide on your target audience
  • Choose the tone (informative, professional, relaxed, chatty etc)
  • List any key words you have been advised to include.

Blogging is more effective if you do it regularly, which can be difficult when you’re busy. For this reason, I tend to book blogs in blocks of 10 and offer discount for bulk blogging. I can either work with you to produce blogs on a regular basis or to produce a number of blogs, which you then release over a period of time.

If you’d like a quote from the Blog Lady, please email: or call 07771 530 450.


FAQs for blogging


Q. How much does it cost for a professionally written blog?

A. I currently have three packages:

  1. 10 blogs of 300-350 words each @ £75-£100 a blog
  2. 10 blogs of 500-600 words each @ £100-£125 a blog
  3. 10 blogs of 750-1,000 words each @£125-150 a blog

There are discounts for booking more than 10 blogs and/or paying in advance.

Please note that if you book the shorter blogs, you will need to limit the amount of information you’d like to include in each blog to keep to the word count or I reserve the right to increase the price accordingly.

If you are roughing out your blog for me to rework and proof, I will be able to quote a reduced fee.

Q. How can you blog about specialist subjects?

A. I have almost 25 years’ experience of finding out about things then writing about them for a specific audience.

In my publishing days, I wrote press releases on subjects as diverse as particle physics and paleoanthropology. As a journalist, I have experience at writing on a broad variety of subjects, as well as conducting the research and asking the relevant questions.

My copywriting clients have ranged from companies selling beds to business expertise, campervans to cherry picker hire, photography services to personal trainer courses – see Clients page.

Q. Can you include key words in the blogs you write?

A. As an experienced writer, I am able to seamlessly include any key words you or your SEO company provide. Google places high value on well-written content – and your customers are more likely to read a blog that has interesting content rather than a stream of key words.

Q. Can you teach me to blog?

A. Yes. Please see Blogging for Business workshop page. Alternatively, I can come to your offices for a 1-2-1 or to teach a number of staff together or I can offer a Marketing/Copywriting 1-2-1 for individual businesses.


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