Company newsletters

For clients: A great way to keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis and inform them about new products, services and developments.

For staff: A newsletter will offer a forum to shout about achievements and awards, allow you to keep staff informed about new product or company developments and help your employees feel they have a stake in the company.

Newsletters should be released regularly throughout the year, ideally every two months or every quarter.

The cost of a professionally written newsletter from Key Words ranges from around £500-£800, depending on the number of features and articles required.

If you don’t have a design team in-house, we can recommend a design agency to work with so that your newsletters not only read well but also look appealing.


To discuss the right e-marketing and newsletter package for you, please email: or call 07771 530 450.

FAQs for newsletters


Q. How much will it cost?

A. See above, or ask for a tailor-made quote to suit your particular requirements.

Q. Will you design and send out the newsletters for me?

A. No, I will provide the words (to your template if desired) but you will need to either send these out yourself or employ a professional designer and/or CRM service to distribute them for you.

Q. How will we pass information on to you?

A. You can provide me with a written brief with all the required information, which I will then write up. Alternatively, I can record a conversation with you in person or on the phone and use this information as the basis for the newsletter.


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