Press Releases

Press releases

A well-written press release is more likely to get your story picked up by the media. Which means your potential clients are more likely to get to hear about it.

Writing your own press releases is often a false economy, especially if you are not used to crafting a press release, are pushed for time, or are too close to the story to pick out its most newsworthy features.

A professional press release from Key Words will:

  • Include a header that could make the headlines
  • Pick out the most relevant details
  • Explain the story in a lively and interesting way
  • Contain all the relevant details that the journalist needs to know about the product/service/event

I have been writing press releases since 1988 and have a background in both PR and national newspaper journalism, so I have a good understanding of both worlds.


If you are interested in finding out more about how press releases can promote your company, please email: or call 07771 530 450.


FAQs for press releases


Q. How much does a press release cost?

A. A straightforward press release of around 350-700 words (one or two sides of A4) usually costs from £100-£200. Where extensive research is required, including phoning third parties for information or quotes, it may be more.

Q. Will you send out and follow up the press release for me?

A. I no longer work in the PR industry, so if you want someone to send out your press releases and chase up contacts you will need to contact a professional PR company and pay for a full campaign, which will be substantially more than I charge for a press release service. I can, however, recommend good PR companies in Huddersfield, Leeds, West Yorkshire and London for you.

Q. Can you write a press release at short notice, for example to react to a news story?

A. I tend to plan my work some weeks in advance, so in general, the more time you give me the better. However, I can and do turn around press releases at very short notice on occasion. You can also book my time to write regular press releases over a period of time, for example, if you are building a campaign and need a press release sending out every week. If you have a rush job, it is best to call me on the mobile: 07771 530 450.

Q. Can you teach me how to write a press release?

A. Yes. I offer a Marketing/Copywriting 1-2-1 at a fixed fee of £125 for one hour’s intensive help plus follow up. Contact me for further information on this service.


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