Website Content

Your website content has one main objective:

To tell your customers what they need to know in order to get them to buy from you.

When a potential customer arrives on your website they are looking for clear and concise information.

Well-written web content gives your business a more professional face. Your website is effectively your shop front and good copy will give a better impression and help you sell more.

By using an experienced copywriter, your website will benefit from professional copy that:

  • Explains clearly who you are and what you do
  • Presents the information they need on your products and services
  • Uses the appropriate language for your customer base
  • Supports and reinforces your brand and image
  • Is optimised with key words to drive people to your site (SEO)

Because I take the time to get to know my clients and understand what they do, a large part of my work comes from repeat business and recommendations.

For a free, no-strings meeting to discuss your web content, please email: or call 07771 530 450.


FAQs for website copy


Q. How much does web content cost?

A. Typically, content for a web page will cost from £100-£200 depending on the amount of research required and the number of pages, with discount for bulk work.

A website with a large number of product pages, for example a furniture site, which needs a high volume of pages with short descriptions of each product, will cost less per page. Conversely, copy for a website requiring original content with a large amount of research might cost more.

In all cases, you will be provided with a written quote that details the work involved and no work will start until the client has emailed their confirmation to go ahead. For more information, see Copywriting Terms & Conditions.

Q. How does the copywriting process work?

A. An initial meeting (or email or phone discussion) will be followed by a quote based on your verbal or written brief and mutually agreed deadlines. At this meeting and any follow-up meetings, I will take the time to get to know you and the company – generally this involves me asking lots of questions! Any additional background material you are able to provide will help the copywriting process.

Q. What happens if I want you to change the copy once it’s completed?

A. Every piece of work includes the option of one free revision, as long as it is in keeping with the original brief. Where a verbal brief has been given rather than a written brief, the client should understand that the brief is open to wider interpretation.

Q. Are you an expert in SEO?

A. While not experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), any good copywriter will have a working knowledge of the field. At Key Words we are happy to work in tandem with SEO experts to ensure that a website has carefully crafted sentences containing the necessary key words to drive traffic to your site. Good web content has become more and more important – and is best left to the experts.

Q. How long does it take to produce website content?

A. This will vary depending on the number of pages, the length of copy needed for each page and the amount of research involved.

But the simple answer is that using a Key Words copywriter means that you will have good website content much quicker than if you were writing it yourself. All of our copywriters write professionally, full time, and have been doing for many years. Many clients come to Key Words Copywriting because they are too busy running their business to write about it and they end up dashing something off at the last minute. Web designers often say how frustrating it is to complete a design then have to wait for copy.

With sufficient notice to block off time in advance for a project, deadlines are usually around two to four weeks. This is to allow time between writing each stage of the copy for ideas to develop and for pages to be proofed before being sent to the client. For some clients, web content is an ongoing process as they add products and services or company news and blogs to their site. Adding new, well-written, fully optimised content is the best way to ensure your potential clients find your website and stay on it once they’ve landed.




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