Creative writing masterclass inspires local budding novelists

The first Key Words creative writing masterclass, How to Write & Sell Your Novel, took place this Sunday at The Keys in Huddersfield with editor and Book Doctor, Andrew Wille, and former publishing PR and the owner of Key Words, Michelle Hodgson.

Andrew and Michelle, who worked together for many years at Little, Brown publishers in London, lifted the lid on the publishing world and gave advice on both the writing process and how to approach agents and publishers.

Michelle said: “I’m delighted with the response to this event. Having worked in publishing for many years, it’s great to see the enthusiasm of a Huddersfield audience for author and creative writing events.”

David, a local business owner, said: “I’ve finally found the inspirational kick-start I needed, thank you!”

Fee, a chiropodist, said: “An excellent workshop, which I found extremely motivating and inspirational, as well as informative and interesting. I have realised that I am already a writer and just need to have confidence in myself.”


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