How to get others to write about your business for free

As a copywriter, I make a living from writing about other people’s businesses and getting paid for it. This includes blogging for clients, producing copy for their websites and brochures, creating advertorials and SEO articles, and writing press releases to promote their products and services.

So what would you say if I offered to write about your business for free?

You’d start by thinking there was a catch. But in fact I regularly promote other people’s businesses by writing about them on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social media is a conversation

The simple fact is: social media is a conversation. In the same way that you might mention to a friend or family member that you got a great bargain at a shop or particularly bad service from a utilities provider, social media allows us to share our thoughts about the service we receive.

Who needs social media?

Everyone. It astonishes me when business people today claim that they are not interested in social media. Yes, it takes a certain commitment of time, but once you’ve got started, it can easily become part of your daily marketing strategy.

Stop your competitors stealing your customers

If you’re not engaging with social media, you can be sure that your competitors are. Not only are they skimming off the potential customers you’re not reaching, but they may also be stealing your current customers by talking to them online while you’re not.

How to win new contracts

The biggest contract I ever won as a writer came about because someone saw a posting on LinkedIn and recommended me for a particular role.

Think about this for a second. Someone else effectively went job hunting on my behalf. For free.

I’ve done the same for business colleagues on many occasions. This may be on LinkedIn, when someone posts in a business or networking group asking if anyone can recommend a good web designer/business coach/printer/accountant etc. Or on Twitter, where I often retweet posts from companies whose products or services I rate highly.

Where to start with social media

If you’re not sure where to start, invest in a starter course run by a social media expert. If you don’t know which one to choose, set up a basic LinkedIn profile, join a LinkedIn business group in your area and post a discussion asking for a recommendation. You’ll soon find that other people can’t wait to write about another person’s business.


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