How to write website content: Home page versus About Us page

Writing good website content is a combination of several elements, all of which work together to make your website more effective.

 What website copy should be

As every copywriter will know, website copy should be:

  • Informative and engaging
  • Written in short, punchy sections
  • Grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes
  • Optimised with key words

Your content should also lead people on a journey through your website. In short, it should be easy for them to find the information they need and obvious where to click next. Ultimately, you want them to buy from you or make contact, so you need to make this as easy as possible.

Rewriting web content

As a copywriter, one of the most common issues I deal with when rewriting someone’s website copy is the confusion over where to put information. Once people start writing about their company, they seem to forget which page they are writing for and information spills out in any old order.

How to order your website content

A common mistake that copywriters often see is content that should be on the Home or Services page appearing instead on the About page.

If you think about how you yourself read other people’s websites, you can imagine how frustrating it must be to someone visiting your site if they click through to a page but can’t find the information described on the tab.

Furthermore, if you put information on the About Us page that should be on the Home or Services page, it could get overlooked altogether.

What to put on your Home page

Your Home page copy should ideally start with a sentence or paragraph that engages with your potential clients and recognises why they have visited your website. It should go on to tell them how you can help them. This should be followed by a brief explanation of what your company does and any unique selling points that will encourage them to investigate further.

These are guidelines and you can play around with them and be creative, but a reader should know within the first glance at your Home page what it is your company does and how to contact you.

What not to put on your Home page

Many Home pages start with “Founded in 1975…” or “Based in West Yorkshire…” but this kind of background information about the company is not usually what a potential customer needs to know before anything else.

Where a company has a long history or a link to an area that relates to their product or service, this can be featured more prominently on the Home page. An example might be an artisan food producer or a traditional furniture maker.

What to put on the About Us page

This page is designed to tell the reader about your history and location. It should also give an idea of the type of company, for example, family run, multinational, traditional, innovative, creative and so forth.

It is also a good opportunity to talk about your approach to business, aims and objectives, staff, environmental policies and anything else that gives a history and background to how you do business.

This is not the place to list your services and explain them in detail – keep this for the Services page.

If in doubt, imagine you are a potential customer and think about why you would click on each page and what information you would expect to find.

For more information, please see our Website Copy page.

If you’d like to know if your website copy is working for you, please see our Website Copy Health Check page.



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