The Eye magazine (Huddersfield) April 2012 – Moving to Huddersfield

Word About Town By Michelle Hodgson

April 2012


What do you love most about Huddersfield? The people, the town, the countryside? The football, rugby or basketball team? The arts and music?

Having spent the best part of 20 years in London, it was no surprise to me to discover that this part of the world consistently tops London in happiness polls.

A career in book publishing then as a national newspaper journalist dictated my location for a long while. I won’t deny it was fun: I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people: celebrities, politicians, sports personalities and even Nobel Prize-winning scientists. I had tea at the Savoy with Whoopi Goldberg, organised a launch party for Damon Hill, went clubbing with Paula Yates and stood in the VIP bar of Channel 4’s TFI Friday as Elvis Costello sang with Burt Bacharach on piano.

But moving to Huddersfield opened up my horizons in more ways than the view from Castle Hill. When I abandoned the safety net of an employer to start my own company, I discovered that Huddersfield had a dynamic business community and a choice of business networking groups that would put many larger cities to shame.

Creatively, Huddersfield has a vibrant arts and music scene and I’m now involved with HCAN (Huddersfield Creative Arts Network), a not-for-profit arts organisation that brings creative people in the region together.

Do I miss being crammed into a packed Tube carriage with sweat dripping off the walls? Do I miss living in a flat with no outside space, designed for a very small person with no possessions? Do I miss getting a parking ticket for stopping for a pint of milk? Do you really need me to tell you the answer to these questions?

Of course I do miss friends and family down in London but I’m secretly hatching a plan to lure them up to Yorkshire, one by one – I’ve already persuaded one friend as far as Sheffield, so it can be done.

Nowhere’s perfect and there’s always room for improvement. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you love about Huddersfield and what you’d like to change. You can email me at: or find me on Twitter at KeyWordsCopy.

This column appeared in the April issue of The Eye (Huddersfield).


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