The Eye magazine (Huddersfield) May 2012 – Meet Floyd, our dogue de Bordeaux puppy

Our dogue de Bordeaux puppy asleep

Word About Town By Michelle Hodgson

May 2012

Remember the film Turner & Hooch? Tom Hanks teamed up with a large jowly dog that produced more spray than Niagara and tried to eat the car? Well, guess what the latest addition to our household is? I’ll give you a clue: it’s not Tom Hanks.

Floyd, our 13-week old dogue de Bordeaux puppy is fast asleep with his head resting on my feet as I write this. Already weighing almost two stone and with a head like a Shetland pony’s, his sleeping habits may have to change once he’s fully grown and weighs as much as me.

I got over my disappointment that my partner took a friend with him to collect Floyd when the friend walked in covered with puppy puke. Still, he’s settling in nicely now, although Amber, our rescue cat, has made it quite clear who’s boss. Incidentally, my partner still thinks our new puppy’s name is an homage to Pink Floyd. At some point I’ll have to break it to him that the idea came from a Wild West 1970s advert for Toffo sweets. ‘Go get ‘em Floyd’.

* * * * *

 Beer, music, ghosts and walking in circles – you may wonder what all these things have in common.

Two years’ ago, the Food & Drink Festival introduced a Taste Trail as a fringe event. Strangely enough, it turned out that people were willing to queue round the block for free food. Who’d have thought it? The trail is now an annual fixture, along with a Real Ale Trail, although you have to buy your own drinks because life is never that kind.

This year, a new set of trails will be launched under the banner Discover Huddersfield. I’ll declare my interest straight away in that I belong to two of the local organisations involved ( and, but it’s undoubtedly a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of trails Huddersfield people put forward. Music and the arts are bound to be popular but will there be a ghost trail, a literary trail, a student trail or even a sporting trail? Follow the trails’ development at and follow the trails themselves from August.

That’s it for now; Floyd has woken up and he’s starting to munch his way through the sofa…

This column appeared in the May issue of The Eye (Huddersfield).

Click to read the May 2012 edition of The Eye (Huddersfield)


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