Kirkwood Hospice

The client, a charity, was launching a Capital Appeal to raise £3m for rebuilding and refurbishing the 16-bed in-patient unit at the hospice, which serves the whole of Kirklees. This is money that needed to be raised over and beyond the usual annual amount needed to keep the hospice running.

I was able to offer a significantly reduced rate for a range of copywriting services to help launch the campaign. These included: copy for a leaflet to promote a specific part of the appeal (The Brick Campaign); copy for a brochure covering the history of the hospice, what the changes would be and why they were needed; copy for a series of large display panels to be used at the launch, open day and other events; and proofing of the fundraising pack.

As I have a personal connection with the hospice, I also gave a speech at the Capital Appeal launch event on 31 January 2012, and I have joined the Marketing committee as a volunteer to help organise and promote events held over the fundraising year.

“Michelle offers the complete package – friendly, approachable, honest and highly professional. She identifies the needs of her client swiftly and can communicate these effectively and appropriately.

Michelle was a key player in the work that took place prior to our Capital Appeal launch, undertaking all the copywriting for the campaign materials. She was able to put across some very complex ideas and plans in an efficient and exciting way – just as we needed. She also showed great versatility in the work she could undertake – from a detailed brochure to a call to action and then to sales materials. Michelle worked quickly, meeting all deadlines (even though they were set a little tight by us to say the least).

Michelle is also an excellent public speaker; having done a wonderful talk at our launch event. She is able to effectively put across a message in a clear and appropriate manner. I would highly recommend Michelle’s work and wouldn’t hesitate to use her skills and talent in the future.”

Marie Peacock, Capital Appeals Manager, Kirkwood Hospice

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