SEO and copywriting – the key words for your business

Two different clients asked me this week about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and key words and their importance when it comes to copywriting for business. In both cases I recommended they use an SEO expert to help them establish the best key words to use in the copy I would be writing for them.

When I formed my business, I called it Key Words, first because I was conscious of the importance of the relationship between copywriting and SEO, and second because everything I do relates back to the written word.

Copywriting comprises writing about a business or organisation in such a way that people will want to know more, and then either buy the company’s products and services or engage with the organisation, be it a charity, training provider or not-for-profit group.

Working in journalism at national newspapers, I spent many years correcting grammar and spelling, ensuring consistency of language and restructuring articles. This training has stood me in good stead for both feature writing and copywriting.

The author events and creative writing courses run by Key Words are aimed at bringing a passion for storytelling and the written word to an audience that will enjoy them. And the business training courses have been developed to encourage those who work in business or run their own company to find better ways of writing about what they do in order to promote their business.

So where does SEO fit in to all this? Everything written with the intention of promoting a business or organisation online should include two considerations:

  1. Does the copy read in such a way that it will encourage clients to find out more about the organisation and engage with it/buy from it?
  2. Is the copy optimised to help potential clients find the organisation quickly and easily on the web?

For those who simply need an online presence to provide additional information to clients and potential clients who already know about their organisation, it may be possible to get away without using SEO techniques. Conversely, those who have a fully optimised website but dull prose stuffed with key words will find that plenty of people land on their website but few of them stay to investigate their services further.

For most businesses, a combination of interesting, creative content and key word-rich copy (backed up with other SEO solutions such as video and links) is the best approach.

As a copywriter, I often recommend that clients work with SEO companies. Copywriting and SEO are very different skills but they should work hand in hand. If an SEO company provides me with a list of relevant key words before I start writing a feature, blog or website for a client, it’s easy to incorporate them seamlessly into the copy.

In an ideal world, if you’re starting a company, revamping your website or planning other online activities such as blogging or writing articles, the best approach is to build the right team to help you. A marketing expert, a web designer, an SEO specialist and a professional copywriter all working together can make a formidable team – and make all the difference to the success of your business.

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