Wellhouse Leisure

Wellhouse Leisure refits imported vans as campervans. Their sales had shot up during the recession as people looked to scale back holidays abroad and often bought the van as both a day-to-day and leisure vehicle.

A small, family-run company, Wellhouse was undergoing a period of rebranding and restructuring and I was brought by the design company, Worthington Brown, initially to provide copy for a sales brochure on Wellhouse’s new Hyundai i800 conversions. I was then asked to garner feedback from customers on the company and their experience when buying a campervan. I conducted a series of 15 in-depth interviews with customers and provided a detailed analysis of what the company’s strengths and failings were from the first contact to aftercare.

This was an unusual project in that the interviews required my skills as a journalist and, in addition, I was asked to attend meetings to discuss the company’s future strategy and marketing, for which my background in book publishing PR and marketing proved useful.

“I would like to thank Michelle for the creative, high-quality and professional work that she carried out for us.  It was a pleasure to work with her, we were delighted with the service she provided and would highly recommend her to anyone who requires a personal and efficient service from a friendly and very talented writer.”

Caroline Sanson, Wellhouse Leisure

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