What should I write about in my blog?

One of the first questions that people ask me when I talk about the importance of blogging or when I’m teaching blogging workshops is: “What should I put in my blog?” In return, I usually ask the question: “Who is your blog aimed at?”

What do you want to achieve with your blog?

In giving this answer, I’m not trying to duck the question. Before you put pen to paper – or finger to computer key – you need to work out what you want to achieve with your blog, who the target audience is, what they are likely to want to read about and what tone to use.

Take a look at these five examples, all of which represent different types of businesses, and consider how different their blogs are likely to be:

1. Life coach
2. Mass market kitchen supplier
3. IT consultants
4. Family run restaurant
5. Bespoke jewellery maker

What sort of customers do you want to attract with your blog?

In each case, the person writing the blog – which in small companies tends to be the person running the business – should think carefully about what sort of customers they want to attract with their blog.

Bear in mind, this may or may not be the same as the customers they are attracting at present, for example a catering company servicing a market for one-off events might want to expand the business by winning more regular work and larger contracts with a school or care home.

So this leads on to the next question:

What sort of approach should you take when planning your blog?

Let’s take the first three of the above examples:

1. Life coach – because the client is buying a very personal service, they will need to feel they gel with the life coach. The blogs will therefore need to have more personal information in them than other types of business blogs. This could be about specific issues, which could be potentially tied to the time of year or particular events, for example: coping with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or how to survive your family at Christmas.

2. Mass market kitchen supplier – the client is likely to be looking for good value products and a reliable service (delivery, installation etc). Blogs could cover specific features, new developments and “how to” articles, for example: time saving kitchen devices or how to plan your kitchen layout. They could also look at kitchen-related lifestyle issues, from recipes to entertaining.

3. IT consultants – potential clients will be looking for signs that the IT specialists are experts in their field and will expect a professional tone of voice. They will want reassurance that the company will be up to date with all the latest developments and will be able to explain them in layman’s terms. Blogs could include a dissection of a recent new IT product – not to explain its features in great detail but to show it could potentially save the client time and money. A typical blog title could be: “How using xxx could save you xxx man hours a year.”

Target your blog at your target audience

Immediately you can see how different these three examples are, depending on their target audience.

Bear in mind that two companies both selling the same product or service might take a completely different approach with their blog content, tone and language if one is aimed at the value end of the market and the other supplies upmarket, bespoke products or services.

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